Accessing the 

African market

Nulandis accesses the African market in three different ways. In each case it is supported by  strong technical and logistical services with our unique NuWay methodology and Precision Sciences underpinning the approach.

Nulandis holds approximately a 14% market share of Africa’s estimated $1.7 billion crop protection market.


Acquiring or setting up distribution channels in Africa supports Nulandis’ African and international growth strategy. In this case Nulandis provides an important platform for multinational suppliers, other important 3rd party suppliers and also its own range of products, services and technologies.  This is essential in order to offer a comprehensive solution to the grower. Nulandis now owns agricultural distribution companies in Malawi, Namibia and Mozambique which service and supply the farmers directly. Further plans are underway to expand in this regard. 


Agriparks are a growing concept in Africa and Nulandis is partaking in this unique and comprehensive approach to agriculture.  The Nulandis Precision Science technology is of critical importance to support the required feasibility studies to determine the viability of such an Agripark necessary for funding application and the establishment of crops and animal farming within the Agripark.  Over and above product supply, service and support, Nulandis supports small holder farmer training, development and involvement in the Agripark in order to ensure future sustainable farming communities.  Agriparks also represent an opportunity for Nulandis to pull its important multinational and 3rd party suppliers along.


Nulandis has appointed selected in-country distributors to support its proprietary range of products, services and technologies.