Who We Are


We Are

Nulandis has a proud history backing our future success.

  • 2017

    Nulandis Mozambique

  • 2016

    Nulandis Namibia
    Nulandis Precision Sciences

  • 2015

    The NuWay™ programme is developed

  • 2011

    Plaaskem acquires Qwemico
    Plaaskem, Qwemico and UAP
    consolidate to become Nulandis

  • 2005

    Plaaskem acquires UAP

  • 2001

    Plaaskem acquires Applied Chemicals, Kynoch Agro, Kynochem and merges all 4 businesses to become Plaaskem Plaaskem acquired by Chemical Services (Subsidiary of AECI)

  • 1970

    Chemical Services Limited buys Farmchem Farmchem changes to Plaaskem Farmchem started by Dr Fisher